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"Every serious angler needs one, novice, expert and pro." - Kevin VanDam

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Welcome to HydroWave™
The Latest in Electronic Fishing Aid Technology

HOT New HydroWave™ H2

The H2 is the next generation of HydroWave™

The HydroWave is primarily sold as a boxed set called the HydroWave System Package. The H2 will have a 2.5" Liquid Crystal Display, 16 sound patterns with 5 programmed delay options & more! THE NEW HYDROWAVE™ H2 »MORE »

2014 Bassmaster Classic

Randy Howell wins the 2014 Bassmaster Classic.

The winner of the 2014 Bassmaster Classic was using a HydroWave™ and mentions how it helped him during his post contest press conference. Congratulations to Randy Howell who is now the 2014 Bassmaster Classic Champion.MORE »

Elite Pros & HydroWave

Bassmaster Elite Pros show HydroWave™ love.

The HydroWave is primarily sold as a boxed set called the HydroWave System Package. The HydroWave System Package gives you everything you need to use the product to generate the sounds and sound waves from your boat. MORE »

What is the HydroWave?

The HydroWave™ is a patented electronic sound device that emits the natural sounds of bait fish and predatory fish feeding on them. Together the sounds produce an instinctive response in nearby predatory fish such as large mouth bass and other predatory fish that can hear the sounds and feel the vibrations of the sound waves in the water. Predatory Fish include Large Mouth Bass, Small Mouth Bass, Sand Bass, Crappie, Stripers, Walleyes, Muskie, Channel Catfish and more.

By hearing the sounds and feeling the vibrations the fish are drawn in the direction of the HydroWave more eager to strike bait. This device is intended to give fishermen a considerable advantage in catching a greater number of "keeper" fish. MORE ABOUT THE HYDROWAVE »

HydroWave Technology

HydroWave Lateral Reactive Technology

Lateral Reactive Technology
LRT is a vibration wave technology that operates at a frequency level that stimulates a predatory response through a fish’s lateral line. As with any predator, fish are stimulated to the presence of prey and primarily through its lateral line. MORE »

HydroWave Omnidirectional Sound and Speaker

Omni-Directional Sound
The HydroWave speaker is a true Omni Directional speaker. The underwater Omni Directional sound output truly disperses sound in an even pattern and wavelength unaffected by the directional rotation of the trolling motor lower unit. . MORE »

HydroWave Vibration Reative Technology

Vibration Reactive Technology
VRT is a vibration wave that operates at a frequency that stimulates a predatory response from fish through their inner ear. This vibration detection is so accurate that a bass is completely able to differentiate between vibrations of prey and other sources. MORE »

The HydroWave is Easy to Use and Easy to Install

Easy to Install and Easy to Use
The HydroWave was designed by pros with ease of installation and use a primary concern from the beginning. Besides being easy to install and use pros need absolute durability and reliability. And, being compact it does not get in the way. MORE »

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