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JUNE 24 2014HydroWave is a "Confidence" Game Changer by Terry Brown

I have never been to the movie Titanic, have never have seen even parts of it, I know how it ends. I am the last person to try a newfangled gadget and television info-mercials never get a second glance, most of the time, although I do like the Endura buff KVD endorses. Feel the same ...

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APR 29 2014Browning Stuck With What He Knew By Todd Ceisner

When Stephen Browning won the Bassmaster Central Open at the Red River last year, he caught several key fish in a backwater that he went to as part of a final-day search for "new water." Those fish helped fuel his 12th-to-1st comeback charge.

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APR 8 2014Varied Conditions Played Into McClelland's Hands By Todd Ceisner

When Mike McClelland decides to retire from fishing professionally, presumably years from now, he said he'll strongly consider spending his golden years around Table Rock Lake.

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MAR 20142014 Fishing Electronics Equipped

In some areas of the country tournament season is already in full swing, in other areas, things are just beginning to heat up. Whether you’ve already cashed a couple checks and are looking for that next fishing tool to spend your winnings on, or whether your lakes are just days away from opening and your still clinging tight to that Christmas money, here are few products to consider that have been hot all across the country.

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FEB 13 2014Consistency Paid Off For Young At The End by John Johnson

When this week began, Andy Young was looking forward to getting back home to Minnesota and clocking into his regular job doing precision sheet-metal work. What transpired over the weekend at the Lake Amistad Bassmaster Central Open had started his head spinning.

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JAN 27 2014HydroWave Mini Takin Off With Anglers by Terry Brown

The new Hydrowave Mini portable is gaining momentum with anglers wanting to try the Hydrowave sound technology at an affordable price. "We wanted to offer anglers a chance to try our technology without having to purchase our standard unit to do so" said Gene Eisenmann, owner of Hydrowave. "The "mini" has our two most popular ...

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NOV 22 2013The HydroWave Mini Was Introduced Today

The HydroWave Mini was introduced today. The first one sold before we could even announce it. These are perfect for smaller boats and kayaks or perfect for the bass boat on a budget. $139.00 They will be hitting the stores this week or can be purchased for a limited time by calling HydroWave at (972) 323-9777.

OCT 20 2013Jeff Lugar credited his HydroWave as his "Performance Edge" in BASS National Championship

Jeff Lugar credited his HydroWave as his "Performance Edge" in his recent win in the BASS National Championship. I wish I knew a way to contact him and send him a big "Thank You" from HydroWave. 

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JUNE 10 2013Gamefish React to Baitfish Sounds

When you think of championship caliber walleye pros, the name Mark Courts should come to mind. He’s been hoisting up giant walleye for years and has a resume loaded with impressive credentials and several major tournament wins. Courts will be the first to admit that today’s competition is fierce, and to stay at the top of the pack, you need to always be learning, making adjustments and staying up with what’s new in the industry.

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MAR 2013The Origin & Technology of HydroWave

Advancements in electronic technology continue to amaze professional and novice anglers. You can include the HydroWave in that select group of electronic devices. It’s unique and innovative sound technology has blended aquatic biology with electronic engineering to produce the HydroWave.

Before tournament angler, creator and founder of HydroWave, Gene Eisenmann, developed the HydroWave there wasn’t an electronic device that created sound to stimulate fish in production. The concept of producing sounds to arouse fish only existed in lures and one sound producing device that's no longer being produced.

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FEB 24 2013The Classic Wave By: Ricky Bodsford

cliff pace wins tulsa with hydrowave

The Classic Wave If you haven’t heard by now Cliff Pace won the 2013 Bassmaster Classic in Tulsa. The weather conditions were cold to say the least. You have seen all the coverage, watched all the drama but here is the part you may not know. Pace credited his electronics, mainly the Hydrowave for his victory.

Cold air and falling water temperatures had the fish sitting on the bottom and and were not visible on sonar while idling across points, creek channels and bluff walls. Pace said that when he started fishing an area he could see the fish lift off the bottom and made them just active enough they would bite. The 2013 Classic Champ ran his Hydowave unit on constant in the passive finesse mode. Cliff was throwing a Jackall Squad Minnow in the wind and a V & M 1/2 jig when it wasn’t blowing.

JAN 24 201342-pound Limit Caught in Oklahoma by Walker Smith

As the team arrived to their first spot, they noticed the baitfish glued to the bottom. Although he didn’t use it during his practice, Reynolds turned his Hydrowave on in an attempt to stir things up.

Within minutes, he noticed bait flickering on the surface—something he never saw in practice. Picking up his Livingston Lures Stick Master jerkbait, Reynolds fired a cast into to the action. After catching a small keeper, Reynolds boated a monster bass that proved to be the beginning of the epic slugfest. 

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NOV 9 2012HydroWave Test Results by Jake Bussolini

A complimentary Hydrowave unit was provided to the writer with the intent to provide a series of controlled tests to determine the effectiveness of the unit under a series of different fishing conditions. Since the receipt of the equipment was in the colder winter months in North Carolina, the initial series of test were conducted during December, January and February on Lake Norman in western North Carolina. 

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OCT 06 2012Ferguson Sweeps Lake of Pines

Ferguson Sweeps the Pines Key spot (and HydroWave) delivers EverStart Texas Division win for local pro by David A. Brown. LONGVIEW, Texas. – Ritter Ferguson was well aware of the dreaded hometown curse, but he was more concerned over big-name competitors like Kellogg's Rice Krispies pro Jim Tutt and Texas legend Harold Allen.

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NOV 2011Bassmaster Magazine: Dinner Bell for Schoolin' Bass by Louie Stout

IT WAS MID-AFTERNOON of the Dixie Duel Bassmaster Elite Series event on Wheeler Lake when Kevin VanDam idled up next to Boyd Duckett. "I'd been fishing the same ridge for two hours without a strike," recalls Duckett. "I'd caught them there the previous two days, but it was dead that afternoon." VanDam asked if Duckett would mind if he fished behind him. "Kevin is a good friend trying to lock up the Angler of the Year title," says Duckett. "I hadn't had a bite, but if he wanted to fish it, he was welcome." What happened next left the Alabama pro speechless.

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AUG 10 2012Bill McDonald Talks About HydroWave

Using the connect schooling shad he talks about how HydroWave helps the fish gather around.

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MAR 15 2012Tuning into the HydroWave by Josh Douglas

Every morning I awake to the sound of my coffee machine brewing a fresh pot of joe. Like clockwork I roll out of bed, pour a fresh cup and off to the lake I go. This daily habit got me thinking. If I'm self-programmed to respond and react to the sound of fresh coffee being brewed, will lethargic bass become active off the sounds of other bass feeding?

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FEB 14 2012Outdoors personality Wade Middleton takes stake in HydroWave

wade middleton hydrowave owner DALLAS (Feb. 14, 2012) - HydroWave™, a manufacturer of electronic fishing equipment that emits fish-feeding sounds underwater, has made a lot of noise since entering the sport fishing market just a year ago. Today the company announced that outdoor industry veteran Wade Middleton has become a partner in the business.

Middleton is president of Careco TV, and he produces and hosts many of the country's top-rated outdoor television shows, including Cabela's Fisherman's Handbook, BoatU.S. Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship Series, Fishing Texas and more.

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DEC 2011Kevin Short credits HydroWave™ in his win - Bass TM

Kevin Short grinds out a win by John Neporadny Jr.
December 2011 Issue | Page 3 & 22

Kevin Short credits HydroWave™ in his win at Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Central Open season finale on Table Rock Lake.  From the article - Because baitfish were everywhere in the creek, Short also relied on a HydroWave sound device to coax some bass into hitting his crankbait. "I really feel the HydroWave™ unit helped me," he said. "Playing with the volume on it probably helped me get a couple more bites because I had to compete with tons of shad there."


AUG 16 2011 Weighing in Radio - Paul Elias

Paul Elias believes the Hydrowave™ assisted him in winning $100,000 during the FLW on Lake Guntersville.

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JUL 26 2011Angler Credits HydroWave™ for Win on FLW Tour

angler credits hydrowave in interview Lake Piru (July 26, 2011) - by Jody Only, Bass Fishing Examiner - The Pro Teams at this weekend's U.S. Angler's Choice Lake Piru Night Event appeared to be met with a tough bite when only three boats arrived at the weigh-in with a full limit and 25 percent of the field blanked.

In an interview with the tournament winner Kevin Johnson, he shared what he thought gave him the edge saying, "The overall bite was extremely tough for most; but one of the biggest factors that I can credit for catching over 15 keepers on Saturday night was the new HydroWave."

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JUL 7 2011Inshore saltwater HydroWave™ makes noise at ICAST

DALLAS (July 7, 2011) - Coastal anglers know better than most the benefit of exciting schools of redfish, speckled trout, snook and other species into a feeding frenzy. Up until now, they've generally had to rely on chum or lights at night to attract these fish in numbers in order to take advantage of their instinctive competitive eating habits.

HydroWave has a better way. The brand new inshore saltwater HydroWave™ unit incorporates the latest in patented electronic Inshore Saltwater HydroWave™ Unit technology that effectively imitates the underwater sounds of forage and fish-feeding activities, of which research has proven to stimulate feeding impulses in game fish. The unit emits sound waves that predatory fish feel, hear and sense as natural baitfish activities, to "ignite a feeding frenzy."

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FEB 20 2011Kevin VanDam won the 2011 Bassmaster's Classic using his HydroWave™

Kevin Van Dam wins 2011 Bassmaster Classic using HydroWave Kevin VanDam using his new HydroWave™ had a record Bassmaster's Classic haul beating Aaron Martens by nearly 11 pounds.
"All fishermen have had the experience where fishing is slow, then you get one fish in a school to bite and it turns the others on. They all get competitive, trying to get a piece of the pie," he said. "I'm going to use a HydroWave unit here. I'm learning how to adjust the sounds to suit the conditions and broadcast frequencies that are likely to make bass bite."

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FEB 18 2011New HydroWave™ sound unit debuts at Bassmaster Classic

HydroWave announced Bassmaster Classic 2011

NEW ORLEANS (Feb. 18, 2011) - HydroWave™ is a new fishing electronics company, with professional anglers Kevin VanDam and Jeff Kriet among its business partners. Both men will have a HydroWave on their boats and in use at this week's Bassmaster Classic.

The easy to install and user-friendly HydroWave unit incorporates the latest in patented sound-emitting technology that effectively imitates the audible underwater sounds of baitfish and fish-feeding activities, of which research has proven to stimulate feeding impulses in game fish. The unit emits sound waves that predatory fish feel, hear and sense as natural baitfish activities, to "ignite a feeding frenzy.

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