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Testimonials and Reviews from Fans and Professional Anglers.

"Thank you guys for allowing us to purchase a couple of units for our use but to display at our tournaments. Yesterday was my first chance to use it and it was fantastic.  We were fishing at Squaw Creek and no one around us was catching fish.  Most of the guys were doing the same thing I was but couldn't get a bite.  I feel sure the Hydrowave was the difference.  So, when we got back to the ramp I had several guys that know me  ask what the deal was.........they didn't know I got the Hydrowave on Friday, so they were shocked and also saw what made the difference.Let me know if we can do anything more to help move some products for you.  If you need more sales people or some sort of distributor outlet, I am happy to help". 

- Tommy Morton - Director, Media Bass East and West Teams

"I fished with Gene Eisenmann (owner of Hydrowave) today for a couple of hours to get acquainted with this new product that everyone is talking about. Most people that know me can verify that I am the biggest skeptic when it comes to new products. Especially ones that are electronic or boat equipment related. I realized quickly that this device is NO GIMMIC!

After an easy 10-15 minute installation of the unit to my boat, we head out and go to the first spot. Gene shortly explains the different settings and how they relate to each kind of fishing situation. I catch one fish on the first cast but there are not any other fish there so I head to another spot. The fish are somewhat active in the area but they are normally hard to catch (as most suspended or schooling fish can be this time of year). How many times do you find yourself just out of casting distance to fish hitting the top? Then when you move over to them they start schooling back where you just moved from. Very frustrating!!

Well, the Hydrowave put a stop to all that chasing bass with the trolling motor stuff. It was amazing! The fish started schooling like crazy when I turned it on and were actually hitting the side of the boat chasing shad all around us. Instead of chasing the schools, they were actually coming to us. Even when the bass started to slow down in activity, all it took was an adjustment of the settings on the Hydrowave and they would start right back up busting on top. We caught a bunch of nice schooling fish and it left me walking away a firm believer in this product.

I just wanted to give a little testimony of the experience from today for those of you that may be big skeptics like me. If you don't have a Hydrowave, you are missing out on opportunities to catch more fish! Ask Eric Wright (Lake Fork guide and tournament angler), he was fishing close by with a customer and knew that we were using the Hydrowave. He saw firsthand how the fish reacted to it and how effective it was. He trolled by and said, 'I'm getting one of those!' "
- James Caldemeyer

jim odonnell crappie fishing

Crappie Fishing

"My name is Jim O'Donnell. I wanted to tell you about the difference that the Hydrowave made for me. I fished the Crappie Masters classic on the 27 and 28th of September and finished in 5th place overall. This was my first classic and first time fishing Grenada lake. I am giving a lot of the credit to Hydrowave for my fantastic finish. For me it made all the difference when I was running my Hydrowave I could get good quality bites and when it was off I couldn't buy a bite. In this tournament there were 193 of the best crappie fisherman in the country and only 7 of the teams were able to put together 14 fish over the two days and I was one of them. Most we're fishing deeper water and I was fishing it two to four foot of water."

- Jim O'Donnell

Collegiate Bass Tournament Fisherman - talking about the HydroWave

Jeff Kriet at ICAST 2011 - talks about how he uses the HydroWave

Kevin VanDam at ICAST

-talking about his HydroWave To go to the Tackle Warehouse original video page - click here

Jeff Kriet at ICAST

- talking about his HydroWave To go to the Tackle Warehouse original video page - click here

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"I’ve always paid attention as to how fish seem to feed and respond to each other while in competition for food," VanDam said. "Like most bass fishermen who spend a lot of time on the water, I’ve witnessed situations where a school could be fired up by getting just one fish to bite. Igniting those kinds of flurries during a tournament day can be a huge advantage. HydroWave is about providing that stimulus for that first response to get things going."

- Kevin VanDam

"Most electronics have way more choices than what a fisherman would ever need, much less remember how to use. When fishing, I want to be able to push a button or two and get right back to casting. Trust me, HydroWave is built for simple operation."
- Jeff Kriet

"Delta bass have a tendency to school anyway, relating to tidal current and moving baitfish. The February timeframe should have these fish on the move and I’m confident that when I hit pockets of fish, I’ll be able to get them quite excited with my HydroWave."

- Kevin VanDam

"There could not be a better stage to introduce the HydroWave other than the Bassmaster Classic. The fact that this is a collaborative effort involving the 1st and 2nd place finishers of last year's Classic says it all."
- Gene Eisenmann

"I used the HydroWave at the US OPEN and just saturday night on Lake Piru in a night event. I can honestly say after visiting the booth at ICAST and learning how to use it, it works! I was able to keep the fish active and feeding after catching one on Saturday night. It was good to help me take 1st in the night event! Thanks again Bill!." Angler wins FLW Tour event using HydroWave
- Kevin Johnson FLW Champion Lake Piru Night Event

"Man! to tell you the truth I want to see Hydrowave do well and I want to keep getting new stuff and updates etc. But... I do not want all my competition to have this unit. The amount of shad activity that was brought to life surprised me and my partner and it never left our boat. We fished a mere 2 sections for a total 150ft of bank in a all night tournament, only turned the "big" motor on to get to our starting point, out of a storm, and go to the weigh-in. We had our 8 fish limit in less than half of the tournament and was culling, burned less than 1 gallon of gas, never got out of sight of the ramp and WON! Others who had limits had to work for them, fishing multiple locations, and had several smaller fish. We did not catch a fish under lbs. until junk time on the way to the ramp at weigh-in. When I hooked a seven plus pounder fishing off the back of the boat while in a dock house waiting out a storm, I knew something different from my normal fishing trips was going on, unfortunate for me she broke me off on a dock pole right at the side of the boat before we could net her. This unit has the potential to be more important than my sonar and after seeing a 20ft circle of shad breaking the water just around our boat as we net yet another fish that will cull, with a competitor just 30yds away and no activity around them to speak of, I would have unhooked my sonar to keep the Hydrowave running. I will be taking a video camera with me next time, I hope you guys have a lot of product inventory built up once this gets out they will be flying off the shelves. Another thing I noticed was others had a lot of dead fish, the bite was real light and we experienced this with our first couple of fish, hooked deep. After we set in one spot and the shad became super active around us the fish began hitting a lot harder and we weighed no dead fish. Gene, thanks for the personal part of your service it is a huge part of business that is missing in today's world and is very much appreciated."

- Joe Ogle Newport, VA

"Every once and awhile a product comes along that really turns heads and we have one now, the hydrowave is in one word amazing. I was a little skepticle since I owned a Biosonix and never really saw much difference but I took the hook and bought the hydrowave. The first day I used it was a tournament, I knew nothing about it other than to turn it on. That's what I did, I didnt win the tournament that day but I did catch around 60 fish that day, I saw fish moving all around me and I could turn it off and they were like ghost. One day made a believer out of me, once I learn how to use the sounds properly then the fun will begin. This is truly a industry changing product. Thanks for such a quality product."

- Shane Boyd Cassville, MO

"I just wanted to email you and tell you how well my Hydrowave is working. I am using the "fleeing shad" sound the most and catching many nice fish."

- Harley (Bill) Volkmann Manhattan, KS

"Just dropping you a note on how awesome the hydrowave is, I pulled up in the back of a cut and turned on my hydrowave and within 5 minutes I had fish schooling all around me this went on 15-20 minutes then I thought lets turn it off and see what happens, it was like a switch the water went totally calm. the funny thing about this was two guys were fishing on the opposite bank and they came over to me and ask how I was catching fish so easy and they had been in there for over an hour and not got one bite. I explained to them about the hydrowave and they were in shock. Needless to say one said I'll have one on order when i get home. Again thanks for a great product, I also talked to one of the guys off the university of kansas fishing team and we got to discusing it he told me he didnt know if it was a joke or for real. You know the answer I gave him. I have a tournament this weekend and I'm going to wear out the hydrowave I have to finish in the top ten to make the championship, it also one of my favorite lakes, so well put it to the test this weekend. thanks again. If you have anything you want me to try or try out just let me know p.s. If you have anybigger decals of a few more I have a couple of spots I'd like to put on my boat for more visibility. good luck"

- Shane Boyd Cassville, MO

" Like I told Brandon, you guys have the best customer service, I really feel like you guys care and work hard at your job. Thanks!"

- Joshua Lyalls Lansing, NC

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